Remember when S.E. Cupp was a bada*s libertarian who cared about individual liberties and spoke out against a giant and overreaching government? Good times.

Seems working at CNN sort of changed all of that for her; you know, we’ve been making a joke about something being in the water at CNN that changes smart people into … well, CNN pundits for a couple of years now but we’re not so sure it’s a joke anymore.

RedSteeze called her out for her tweet actually pushing for gun laws.

Yeah, we made the same face.

This works.

Please, tell us what law would have stopped those children from dying and we’ll pass it. But it has to be something different from the tens of thousands of laws already on the books.

Hard to get a criminal to obey the law.

Better than a Hallmark Christmas Movie.

Seriously with those flicks? One storyline … over and over and over again.

Yeah, we don’t either.

Not so much.



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