Brian Stelter continues to be Fox News’ biggest fan.

Imagine sitting around covering the media like this … day in and day out.

Wait, we sort of do that.

Never mind.


Ok, but we’re not obsessed with one outlet day in and day out – we make fun of them all.

Unlike Tater:

CNN and MSNBC desperately want to remind everyone to be afraid and stop living their lives.

Fox News is hitting on the fact that CNN, MSNBC, and other outlets didn’t bother to actually cover the Hunter Biden story and may have in fact done their best to bury it.

The nerve.

Brian. Dude. Put the Fox News down.

Go outside.

Get some fresh air.

The end.

America has figured out how to treat the virus so a lower percentage of Americans is dying.

That really should be the news but then they couldn’t cash-in on their daily fear porn.


Biden should send them all thank you notes and cookies.

Maybe some pudding.


We’ll wait.

Too perfect.



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