Honoring those who died at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941 by exploiting them to write some fear-mongering hate-tweet politicizing COVID.

What a sweetheart.

Adam Weinstein used to work for Mother Jones and has ‘graduated’ to MSNBC which makes sense when you read his garbage tweet.

Because clearly an attack on our country by a foreign power totally equates to a virus.

We suppose we should just be grateful this a-hole isn’t comparing their deaths to the Holocaust or 9/11.

Probably shouldn’t give him any ideas.

Reading through the replies to his tweet, there are a lot of really ugly people out there who love to exploit the dead for their agenda. Yay, Democrats!

Luckily some people saw the tweet for the repugnant garbage it is:

Are we supposed to drop the bomb on the virus?

Chinese virus.

Japanese bombers.

Things that make you go hrm.



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