Just wow.

After many governors locked Americans down, they have some serious bills stacking up and gosh, we’re pretty sure $1200 from the feds isn’t going to cut it. This is INSANE … and it’s our government at work.


And get this, what’s even worse is that some of the worst perpetrators of the lockdowns (looking at you Newsom and Whitmer) are already starting to push them AGAIN because you know, they worked so well the first time.


Jesse Kelly called down the thunder on anyone pushing for further lockdowns because you know, ‘you just stay home, watch Netflix and relax and stuff’.

Locking down is killing this country faster than any virus.

Jesse just wants to kill grandma and stuff.

And don’t worry, Jesse, we believe you.

Yeah, we’re not seeing our local brave firefighters interviewing people who are losing their jobs and livelihoods due to these lockdowns.

Wonder why that is.

Don’t be so selfish, wear a mask!

*eye roll*

They’re all such liars. Every single one of them.



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