Appalling may not be a strong enough word to describe Nancy Pelosi who deliberately stonewalled COVID relief to try and beat Trump in the 2020 election. People who have accused Trump and Republicans of not caring about those in need should really take a long, hard look at Nan.

She all but admitted it.

Byron York took her apart in an honest and brutal thread.

Nancy knew her vapid base would believe it was the Republicans who were hurting them, not their dear Auntie Nan. She also knew the media wouldn’t call her out …

It’s ok now to help people because her team is in the WH.

She really is a despicable human being.

Orange man bad.


She is fairly reptilian.


Nancy was willing to make Americans suffer to win an election.

That was that.

There’s no other way to look at it.


Appalling even.

Just gross.

So she admitted she deliberately made millions of Americans go without.


And Biden will look like some hero.


Second only to Cuomo.



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