As Twitchy reported earlier, we’re pretty sure Joe Biden said the quiet part about Kamala Harris out loud. When asked what would happen if he disagrees with his vice president, the so-called president-elect said he would say he’s caught a disease and resign.

Is that the plan, Sleepy Joe? After you’re inaugurated will you magically catch the RONA, resign and put Kamala at the head of this country? The woman even your own party didn’t really want. We all sort of knew this was the plan but to hear him say it out loud?

Rep. Paul Gosar officially asked him to explain:

Biden really should explain. Although we’d be shocked if he even realizes he said it …

We’re still fairly certain he thinks he’s been elected to the Senate.

Joebberish – clever.

Aaand ‘stealing’.

This is NOT who we all are.



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