Nothing to see here.

Just Joe Biden admitting the quiet part out loud.


He’ll just develop some disease and say he has to resign.

Gosh, between this snafu and his admitting his campaign had the best voter fraud in the world Sleepy Joe is being very, very, very honest.

And of course Democrats and the media just pretend he’s not giving it all away.

He’s been doing that more and more. Remember when he told Black Americans they ain’t black if they don’t vote for him? Yeah, the media let that go … because they wanted to help him win the election and they knew informing the masses about Biden’s open racism would hurt him.

And that’s the truth.

Sort of like how they hid his comments about how the Black community isn’t as diverse in their thinking as the Hispanic community.

Right? And if you question it you’re A CRAZY TINFOIL-WEARING CONSPIRACIST!!!

And you thought 2020 was dumb? 2021 isn’t shaping up to be much better.



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