We’re pretty sure John Fugelsang was just trolling with this tweet because it’s not like he actually has any idea what the Hell he’s talking about. Hate to break it to him but the ‘Christians shouldn’t support Trump because orange man bad’ narrative didn’t work in 2016 and it won’t work in 2020.

And please, Jesus’ teachings weren’t liberal.

To be a liberal douchebag comedian on Twitter you just need to say trollish things without actually having any idea what you’re talking about. John has it figured out.

That’s exactly what he was trying to do here.


Gosh, we don’t remember Jesus starting wars that enslaved nations.

When pushed to show proof on his tweet, John replied:

Narrator: Lots of people showed him up.

Note, this editor asked John to list the teachings of Christ that were inconveniently liberal … he has yet to list any.

Oops. Showed up once.

And Aaron is hardly anonymous.

Showed up again.

Hoge is also not anonymous.

Ol’ John gave it another go:

Foreign military leader?



Holy crap.

Soleimani was like the worst of the worst.

That works.



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