Media trying to pretend Trump supporters are the violent ones? That businesses in San Francisco, DC, Chicago, and other blue cities are boarding up because Trump losing will cause the Right to suddenly come unglued and start looting businesses and destroying property?

GTFO with that.

Hey, if they need a reminder of who is responsible for the REAl violence in America, they need only take a look at this thread.

Warning, some of these images and words are graphic and not necessarily safe for work.

Look at those big, mean, violent Trump supporters.

Oh, wait.

Trump supporters throwing rocks at the police.

Oh … nope.

EEK! Trump supporters setting fires.



Look at that Trump supporter beating up a Biden supporter.

Wrong again.


This one is the worst.

And that obnoxious woman screaming at him to ‘cry about it’ after he gets punched in the face?

Not a Trump supporter.

Endless violence and destruction.

But you know, tell us more about the mean trucks in Texas.

Right?! Those trucks with evil flags are super scary and stuff.



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