That’ll teach those nuns!

Former GOP and absolute toad Peter Vroom was so outraged by three nuns who attended a Trump rally in Ohio that he wanted to FIND THEM. How DARE those nuns support the only president to actually take on Planned Parenthood … the nerve of those broads.


From Breitbart:

The three nuns wearing purple and white habits folded their hands in prayer, held rosaries during the rally, and raised up the Bible as Trump took the stage.

The purple and white habits are worn by the Children of Mary order.

They also wore the Trump campaign black MAGA masks, typically offered to supporters who sit behind the president during the coronavirus pandemic.

Now Peter thinks that since Breitbart wrote about the nuns that they were in a way ‘doxxing’ them as well.

Yeah, reading through his tweets we’re starting to think he’s not that bright either.

Doxxing looks more like this.

Oh, what a nice guy not dropping their names. But he was sure to tell a website full of millions and millions of haters where they could find these evil nuns.


The nerve.

We see a whole lot of bizarre and disgusting here but it’s not the nuns in the MAGA masks, Pete.

Tom Arnold chimed in.

Right?! If only those nuns knew their place and sat in the back quietly.

PS: If anyone knows about showboating it’s Tom Arnold, just sayin’.

Peter also seems to think Trumpists (what a lovely term) are riled up because he used a Breitbart article to act like a jackass … he was of course, wrong, especially about the wind going out of their sails.

Take a look:

And on and on and on.

When people show you who they really are, believe them.



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