Sounds like Joe Biden spox Kate Bedingfield is already doing damage control around tonight’s debate and the likelihood that Trump will absolutely destroy Sleepy Joe with the news of Hunter’s laptop from Hell. Not to mention what we’re seeing in that Joe himself may have been benefitting …

You know if she’s already out there poo-pooing it and blaming RUSSIA the news cycle has not been good for Biden.

Like, at all.

Umm … Ratcliffe totally debunked the notion the laptop story is Russian disinformation.

Maybe someone should tell her?

Richard Grenell chimed in:

It’s all the Democrats know how to do.

Blame Russia.

Oh, and blame Trump.

Biden’s team sounds nervous. Good.

Good idea. If we said a nameless, faceless official familiar with the situation maybe they’d start believing it.

Literal LOL.

Or ‘Pop.’

They talked about making sure ‘Pop’ got his cut.

We should create a GoFundMe.



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