Maggie Haberman tweeted out that the governor of Arizona mocked Biden’s stutter … and then deleted it when she received pushback that it was not him mocking Biden but it was reverb. Forget that she all but reported the mocking as ‘fact’.

Richard Grenell wasn’t about to let her off the hook:

Well of course she did.

Funny how it’s always Richard who catches these media types … especially when they are their own source.

To be fair to Maggie, she was far from the only journo lying about the Covington kids but true.

She’s not nameless or faceless, good point.

It is this editor’s opinion he has a stammer from being older and having cognitive issues BUT what does this editor know anyway, right?

Twitter should remove her tweet and lock her down now. Isn’t that their new go-to?

Something like that.



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