Democrats must really think people are dumb.

Or at least their base.

They’re pushing legislation to form a panel of experts to keep track of a president’s mental and or physical ability to do his or her job. Now, you’d think this is about Trump BUT Nancy Pelosi said upfront this is NOT about him.

And then she got all big and bad about how the voters were taking care of him.

So then why do this?

Thinking the second.


Did Nancy mean to say the quiet part about Biden out loud?


And keep in mind, Kamala Harris was SO unpopular she couldn’t even win her own primary. But Democrats are desperate to be the first party to ‘put a woman in the White House,’ and would clearly do anything it takes to make that happen.

Even if that means trotting an old man with cognitive issues out in an embarrassingly ridiculous campaign.

Vote accordingly.



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