NEWS: The media is literally rooting against Trump recovering from COVID.

Ok, so this isn’t really news as we all KNOW they’re rooting against his recovery, they’ve done nothing but root against the president since even before the man took office. And we all knew they were hopelessly broken but the past few days have shown just how ugly and repugnant they truly have become. The conspiracy theories out there about how Trump isn’t doing well, that he had on oxygen leaving the White House, that THIS is a hoax … awful.

For example, Andrew Feinberg is trying to start #PictureGate with these two pics:

OMG. Not pictures of Trump WORKING.

Then Feinberg zoomed in …

You know that face you make when you’re waiting in line at the store and the old man in front whips out a bunch of change to pay for his items? Yup, just made that face.

Because you know, there is only one blank piece of paper in that entire hospital.

This is their big news?

This is their big scoop?

Have we mentioned how absolutely batsh*t and insane these people are?


Trump: Look, I’m ok.


Second verse, same as the first.


And they wonder why so many people hate the media.


But wait, it gets dumber.

GASP! The photos were taken closely together?

Or were they?

So either the data is when they were posted to social media (which makes sense) OR the photos were taken 10 minutes apart.

Which still makes sense.

We realize these yahoos are losing more and more ground as we get closer to the election, but you’d think they’d figure out these sorts of ‘bombshells’ do nothing but make them look desperately insane.

While helping Trump.



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