August was another great month for jobs, for the economy, and for America.

President Trump tweeted about the gains and the expectation that we wouldn’t go below 10% until the end of the year, and who could blame him? Imagine how much better the country would be if blue states weren’t holding people back?

Chuckles Schumer took a swing at the president (or at least the idjit running his Twitter account did):

It is when experts were claiming we wouldn’t drop below 10% until next year AND we’re coming back from a pandemic.

Gosh, you’d think Schumer would be more excited about that 8.4%, considering that was ‘good’ for Obama back in 2012.

And Obama wasn’t coming back from a pandemic that shut down the country, Chuck.


Interestingly enough, the same people who were excited to see George Conway tweeting are the same ones shaming Kellyanne for being on Twitter

It’s all a game.



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