This is Patrick Tomlinson.

You probably have no idea who he is.

Don’t feel bad, we didn’t either.

He’s an author or something.

And he blocks just about anyone who disagrees with him on Twitter so it’s no wonder he thinks he can deliberately misquote Nikki Haley and nobody will call him out.

Except he was wrong.

Even Vox said so:



The context of the controversial part of Haley’s quote — “we’ve never in the history of this country passed any laws or done anything based on race or religion” — is very clearly immigration laws. Specifically, she was speaking about Donald Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslim immigration from the US, which came up after she criticized Trump in her State of the Union response.

You know it was painful for Vox to credit Haley with doing anything right.

Of course not. He’s far too busy patting himself on the back and pretending he’s not a ginormous liar.


You’re not surprised, right?


They don’t care because they know their mouth-breathing base is fine either way as long as it goes against the evil Republican woman of color.

Nikki makes them nuts, which means she’s doing something right.



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