We don’t know about you guys, but this editor was really ready for a Sean Spicier post. The amount of stupid, annoying, and downright hateful is in full-throttle in social media and especially on Twitter, so it’s nice to take a small break and laugh at all of it.

Especially the stupid, annoying, and downright hateful, which Spicier is so good at antagonizing for our amusement.

He somehow knows just how to get ’em going … and we love it.

This time around he tweeted about Biden’s VP pick, Chicago looting, Gettysburg, Democrats in general, the Russian COVID vaccine and much more.


He really should’ve been VP.

Not Spicer. We mean Spicier.


Not a Karen! EL OH EL.

Hey man, if they’re looting anyway might as well get some requests in there, right?

Obsessed with Dancing with the Stars.


A blue-check!

You’d think someone with a blue-check would know to look for a blue-check before engaging a parody but here we are.

We’re not entirely sure what was ‘disingenuous’ about what Spicier said …


Yeah. When they’ve got nothing but cursing at you … they’ve got nothing.

Another blue-check!

Spicier has been busy.

Guess she must’ve missed the whole Trump signing a bunch of EOs helping starving Americans thing.

She tried so hard.

Snubbing a parody account like its the unknown.

They are a predictable lot.

Oooh, nuance.

The Post Office has been destroying itself for years.

Awww, we love it when a blue-check falls for it.

Sean still makes them crazy. Thank the Twitter gods.



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