People have some really messed up ideas about Christopher Columbus. That or they’re just a bunch of unhinged lunatics looking to destroy any statue of an old dude because that will somehow make our history less racist, sexist, Islamophobic, or whatever their claim it may be.

We’re not dealing with realistic or rational people here.

They have targeted statues of Columbus in multiple states, including Virginia and of course in Minnesota.

Ben Domenech was good enough to share the story and history behind this particular statue and it only made the idjits who pulled it down look even dumber.

Wait, the statue is a symbol of acceptance?

But we were informed it’s a bad statue.



Another icon they chose to destroy because they’re stupid.


Something like that.

And they destroyed it.

Look at that girl power!

Take that, statue! HEAR US ROAR!

Also, what the HELL is on her knee?

They really are.

No offense to morons.

Mindless destruction is all the Left knows.