Ruth Marcus was one of the loudest critics when it came to Brett Kavanaugh, she even wrote a book about it. But apparently now that Joe Biden has been accused by Tara Reade of sexual assault, her tune has changed quite a bit. Not that she’s unique in this … look at Alyssa Milano who was very adamant that we should believe all women, without question.

Just not when they accuse a Democrat apparently.

Ruth’s op-ed basically undoes everything she wrote and said about Kavanaugh:

From WaPo:

And yet. Reflexive acceptance of any and all allegations of sexual misconduct against any man is not staunch feminism — it is dangerous credulity that risks doing terrible injustice to the accused. #BelieveAllWomen was a dumb hashtag and a dumber approach to inevitably complex, fact-bound situations. I have always tried to argue in favor of fact-finding first, conviction later, whether in the court of public opinion, in the Senate confirmation process or elsewhere.

That was why I questioned “whether justice was done” in the case of former Minnesota Democratic senator Al Franken, whose precipitous resignation short-circuited a Senate Ethics Committee process that could have helped determine whether Franken’s behavior merited the equivalent of a political death sentence. That was why I argued during the Kavanaugh confirmation for a serious Senate and FBI investigation, not the limited sham that was designed less to unearth the truth than to secure the necessary 50 votes to get him confirmed.

What a bunch of bullsh*t. EL OH EL.

They believed all women until Biden, who has also been accused, became their guy.

*they did know and they didn’t care because orange man bad*