The New York Times has really gone above and beyond holding China responsible for what they’ve done not only to their own country but to the world in general with COVID-19. No one has been more factual, honest, and direct …



They’ve done nothing but attack Trump while seemingly protecting China. It’s actually pretty disgusting, but you knew that.

Really, NYT? THIS is your hot take right now?

From the New York Times:

Americans are dying by the thousands, and he gloats about what a huge, rapt television audience he has. They’re confronting financial ruin and not sure how they’ll continue to pay for food and shelter, and he reprimands governors for not treating him with adequate adulation.

He’s not rising to the challenge before him, not even a millimeter. He’s shriveling into nothingness.

On Friday, when Trump relayed a new recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that all Americans wear face masks in public places, he went so far out of his way to stress that the coverings were voluntary and that he himself wouldn’t be going anywhere near one that he might as well have branded them Apparel for Skittish Losers. I’ve finally settled on his epitaph: “Donald J. Trump, too cool for the coronavirus.”

You have to wonder if he’s this angry at China, you know since this is where the damn virus came from in the first place?

At least NYT is consistent, right?

Consistently horrible.




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