Is it our imagination or does it seem like the media is almost rooting for the Coronavirus to hit America and hit us hard? We get it, they need something to attack Trump with after their Russian hoax and shampeachment totally and completely failed but seriously? Rooting for a virus to make Americans sick and wreck our economy?

That’s just soulless.

Like Brian Stelter.

Since the DAWN of the Trump era … dude, really? Like Trump has been president for HUNDREDS OF YEARS.

Dawn of Trump era.

Give us a break, tater.

James Woods layeth’d the smacketh DOWN:

It may well be too early for the visual of anyone getting THAT for Michael Avenatti, just sayin’. *so gross*

But damn.

Dropped him like a sack of taters.

Never let a crisis go to waste ya’ know.

Ask Rahm Emanuel.

Oooh, donuts.



Oh, wait.

Sums it up almost as nicely as James did.

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