Hey, good news folks!

Ilhan Omar’s memoir is coming out.

Yeah, we know, you all were chomping at the bit for a book from one of the biggest anti-Semites in Congress.

From Harper Collins:

A beacon of positivity in dark times, Congresswoman Omar has weathered many political storms and yet maintained her signature grace, wit and love of country—all the while speaking up for her beliefs. Similarly, in chronicling her remarkable personal journey, Ilhan is both lyrical and unsentimental, and her irrepressible spirit, patriotism, friendship and faith are visible on every page. As a result, This is What America Looks Like is both the inspiring coming of age story of a refugee and a multidimensional tale of the hopes and aspirations, disappointments and failures, successes, sacrifices and surprises, of a devoted public servant with unshakable faith in the promise of America.


Emerald Robinson had a couple of questions for Ilhan about her book:

Good questions.

Fair questions.

Brutally honest questions.

So of course, Ilhan snapped:

We’re not entirely sure what Emerald wrote that was in the least bit racist or unethical but ok.


Tough crowd, Ilhan.

We suppose if you spend most days with the leftist media in your back pocket protecting you from yourself it can feel like an attack when the actual media starts asking you uncomfortable questions.

Hey, this is a Democratic talking point. See Obama.

Another fair question.




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