On a day when most people have completely lost faith in our justice system over the McCabe thing, a little SCOOP from Catherine Herridge may give everyone e a little hope.

Or not.

Feels like we all get our hopes up for some sort of justice only to be let down over and over again BUT …

Could this be why McCabe was let off the hook?

Yeah yeah yeah, we know, another letter. And so far these letters haven’t produced diddly squat BUT maybe this time? C’mon people, work with us a little.


Brian Cates hasn’t lost faith.

God love ’em.

Sadly many people have lost their faith not only in our justice system, but the government in general. BUT we can’t help but wonder (hope) if there’s a reason they’re letting that SOB walk.

Did he give something or someone up? Did he agree to testify? Maybe this?

Give us something, Barr!




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