When you see tweets like this one from Sam Stein you have to wonder if he, like the rest of the media, took a long-a*s nap during the eight years Obama was president.

Does he really think Trump is the first president to use his cabinet to campaign for him?

Such outrage.

ISN’T THERE A GOVERNMENT TO RUN?! Well yes, there is, but sadly far too many elected officials are busy playing impeachment games to actually give a damn about running it.

Funny how quiet the media was when Obama did the same thing.

Maybe if Trump called his cabinet members something a bit catchier like this?

From Politico:

Democrats have accused President Barack Obama of locking his Cabinet in a cabinet — but now he’s turning them loose for fundraisers and taxpayer-funded trips that meld policy and politics, and sometimes fall into the gray area between the two.

A half-dozen Cabinet members have made more than 85 trips this year to electoral battlegrounds such as Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to a POLITICO review of public speeches and news clippings.


And this editor just had an epiphany.

Holy cow is this tweet ever true?!

Who needs research when you’re busy pushing an agenda?



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