President Trump and the First Lady showed up right before the National Championship game on Monday night and their reception was EPIC. Cheers, claps, chants of ‘USA USA USA’ and ‘FOUR MORE YEARS’ completely drowned out the dozen or so losers doing their best to make their sad little boo’s heard.

It was pretty amazing and a real testament to the president’s actual popularity, regardless of what the media is trying to tell people 24/7.

No wonder Max Boot got all fussy about it.

Gosh, Max, we’re so sorry this is happening to you.

Imagine being this guy …

On second thought, don’t.

The only thing more pathetic than this is the number of people whining that Vince Vaughn was civil and even friendly to Trump. These people have got to get a life at some point, seriously.

Max could write about the sky being blue and he’d find a way to complain about Trump somewhere in the article.


There it is!