I so love it when The Onion goes after someone like James Comey. In 2016 they went after Hillary Clinton, and the story was about how a string of the flu had made her sick and now it was afraid for its life. Honestly, it’s so rare to see an outlet that is not clearly ‘right-leaning’ dunking on the Left that every time I see it I feel like it’s newsworthy.

Which is really pathetic and a sad reflection on the media in general if you think about it.

To my point with The Onion though, they may not hit people on the Left often but when they do it’s glorious.

Like this piece they did on James Comey:

A catty b*tch from Jersey who lives for drama.

So perfect.

Hey Comey? If The Onion is mocking you … it’s not good.

True story.


A fair observation indeed.


Gold star for the ‘Big Mouth’ gif.


And fin.