Matt Yglesias has SOME NERVE suggesting if Democrats actually want to win in 2020 they’ll have to figure out how to appeal to more than just crazy, extreme Leftists who claim Trump is literally Hitler, want to disarm legal gun owners, and think abortion is AOK up to and including birth.

He speaks of concessions which is really just another word for compromise, and we all know Democrats will never actually do that.

When the Left is too far left for Matt Yglesias … yikes.

And just guess how this went over with his more progressive brethren:

Seems Parker is not a fan of common sense.

Gosh, this is shocking.

Usually folks on the Left are so calm, rational, and down to Earth.

HA HA HA HA HA … oh, that hurts. My sides.

I totally snickered.

Because the Left has been moving to the Right? On what PLANET?

This from a person in the party that has been more than happy to compromise with evil in the past is pretty damn hilarious.

Yeah, genius.

They are so MAD.

When I see tweets like this I always stop because honestly even after all of these years I still can’t believe they really believe this stuff. Some of these folks are walking, talking, DNC bumper stickers.

It’s nuts.

The last time I looked it was Democrats who were looking to take away an actual right.

They seem a teensy bit paranoid, right?

Human dignities?

So melodramatic.

I almost wonder if this is somehow karma for Matt, considering he’s helped fuel so much of this paranoia and rhetoric over the years. Clearly none of these folks screeching at him have ever spent any time with any real Conservatives or taken the time to learn what it is they represent.