Hillary Clinton is clearly clueless when it comes to what it means to be a ‘gutsy woman’ if she couldn’t bother to include one of the gutsiest women in HISTORY in her stupid little book. I get it, Hillary only thinks women who want to push abortion up to and including birth are gutsy but give me a break.

Thatcher was known to make grown men weep and stand fast in the face of socialism.

If that’s not gutsy I don’t know what the Hell is.


‘Didn’t try to make a positive difference for other women.’

FFS Hillary.

I suppose she thinks threatening women who came forward to accuse her husband of sexual assault makes her gutsy or something.

Maggie would absolutely destroy ‘gutsy’ Hillary without even blinking.

Short, simple, and spot on.


But she didn’t push abortion and whine about the mythical wage gap!

A disemboweled snake is not a great visual but somehow it works.

Thatcher once said that if you have to tell people you’re a lady, you’re not.

Hillary can keep her definition of ‘gutsy women,’ I’ll stick with the Iron Lady.