If you thought John Brennan’s tweets were annoying just get a load of his interview with Nicole Wallace where he smugly and snidely talks about how he’s supposedly being interviewed by ‘Mr. Durham’.

This editor thinks he’s trying way too hard to pretend he’s not worried …


This is the same guy who spied on Americans and lied under oath.

But you know, we should totally take him seriously because he hates Trump or something and that’s all that really matters these days.

When you have as much to hide as Brennan likely does who could blame him?

It’s about time.

It almost seems like he still thinks he is.

And what the heck is he doing going on MSNBC and yapping about it anyway?


Seeing a lot of this on the thread.

Well there ya’ go.


Ya’ think?

And got caught lying about it.

This is just startin’ to get really good.

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