Maybe Dem Representative John Garamendi out of California (we know) missed it but there was no Russia collusion …

Ok, he didn’t miss it but he certainly hopes the people who support him did.

At this point, we almost feel sorry for anyone so desperate to be relevant they have to keep pushing the Russia/Putin/Trump paranoia.

Then again, he is a Democrat.

And notice, CNN feeds this nonsense.

Glenn Greenwald dropped the hammer on them both:

It’s all they have and yes, it’s pitiful.


But a fair point. The same people who screeched about how dangerous Alex Jones is with his conspiracy theories are more than happy to go on CNN and share their own.

As Glenn said, that’s just pitiful.

There never seem to be any consequences for our good, delicate, friends on the Left and in the media.

Must be nice.

Cockamamie is a word we don’t use enough anymore.

And so fitting for 2019.


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