Hope ‘The Atlantic’ has fun dealing with all of the angry SJWs and feminists screaming at them for calling Kamala Harris the ‘Jan Brady’ of the 2020 election because we’re absolutely having fun watching the whole mess on Twitter, that’s for sure.

Alexa, help these folks get a sense of humor.

From The Atlantic:

Making people interested in Harris doesn’t seem terribly hard. The campaign’s internal polling shows that she’s the candidate voters want to know more about. But so far, Harris has been the Jan Brady of the 2020 race. She hasn’t been strong enough to qualify as a front-runner, especially now with Biden in the race, sucking up more oxygen than her aides say they anticipated. But she’s still strong enough that her victories don’t register as big news. She hasn’t gotten a boost from beating expectations when she’s consistently placed in the second tier after the two most famous names, or when she raised more money in the first quarter than every candidate except Bernie Sanders (and nearly double what most of the other top candidates brought in). She hasn’t had a fall to inspire any schadenfreude; she hasn’t had a sudden burst of underdog momentum.

“It’s always, Bernie Bernie Bernie!”

Oh, wait.

“It’s always, Biden Biden Biden!”






Yeah, so take THAT you white male journalists and pundits.


They so have this coming.

We’d say it’s odd how angry these folks are because really Jan Brady isn’t much of an insult but we gave up trying to understand this nonsense years ago.

So now we just point and laugh.

Have we mentioned how much fun this election is going to be?

SO much fun.


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