It certainly seems to be raining crap all over PA Rep Brian Sims. You guys remember Brian, right? The big tough guy who bragged in social media about bullying an elderly woman for praying outside a Planned Parenthood and who also offered $100 for anyone who could dox teenage girls for him?

Yeah, he’s a real sweetie.

Welp sounds like the father of the teenage girls Sims tried to intimidate has thrown down the gauntlet.


The father of the teenage girls subjected to harassment and intimidation by Democrat state legislator Brian Sims is calling on the pro-abortion elected official to resign immediately.

Joe Garecht told LifeNews that Sims should step down from his position in the Pennsylvania state legislature and that, if he doesn’t, the legislature should take actions to remove him from his position after he filmed himself harassing, bullying and doxxing pro-life women and his daughters.

“Over the past week, Ashley and I have heard from many people, on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the abortion debate, who have told us that they are appalled at the actions of Rep. Sims. They have told us that they think it is only right that Rep. Sims resigns. We couldn’t agree more,” he told LifeNews.

“The right course of action is for Representative Sims to resign. I encourage everyone who believes that public servants should uphold the law and the Constitution to sign the petition asking Brian Sims to resign,” he said. “If he fails to resign, it is up to the Pennsylvania General Assembly to take action to uphold its good name.”

Meanwhile, Brian is still locked down on Twitter because you know, he’s so big and tough.

Yup. If he won’t resign then public servants (you know, people who serve the public, not the other way around) should be more than happy to do their job.

Sadly we don’t disagree but fingers super crossed.

If a Republican had done something even half as bad as what our buddy Brian did they’d have already been forced to resign.

And it sounds like this dad is more than willing to do just that.


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