You know, Leftists, progressives, feminists, etc. are really, really reaching when they start talking about housework being one of the most important gender-equity issues of our time.

In other words, they’ve run out of other stuff to b*tch about.

Check out this piece from Melinda Gates:

What ‘Good Dads’ Get Away With.

Give us a break!

From The New York Times:

When my husband and I became parents a decade ago, we were not prepared for the ways in which sexism was about to express itself in our relationship. Like me, he was enthralled by our daughters. Like him, I worked outside the home. And yet I was the one who found myself in charge of managing the details of our children’s lives.

Whoa boy.

Division of labor in the home is one of the most important gender-equity issues of our time. Yet at the current rate of change, MenCare, a group that promotes equal involvement in caregiving, estimates that it will be about 75 more years before men worldwide assume half of the unpaid work that domesticity requires.

MenCare? Whoa boy again.

If anything is going to change, men have to stop resisting. Gendered parenting is kept alive by the unacknowledged power bestowed upon men in a world that values their needs, comforts and desires more than women’s. It’s up to fathers to cop to this, rather than to cop out.

What the Hell did we just read?


This is the kind of crap Melinda’s article feeds.


Fair point.

Don’t see a lot of chicks in dirty crawlspaces fixing HVAC. Nope.

Did she suggest a law for this? Please say she didn’t … true story, this editor couldn’t bear to read the whole thing.

In other words, a good dad.

Let’s hear it for the GOOD DADS!


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