CNN is working overtime to prove they are without a doubt the most biased and unreliable outlet around. They must be, otherwise, why would they continue putting out ridiculous, obviously biased stories like this one?

Maybe they missed it but Democrats STILL haven’t accepted Hillary’s electoral defeat in 2016.

Could they be any more obvious? Seriously.

From CNN (we know, sorry):

Back in 2016, at a presidential debate with Hillary Clinton just before Election Day, he would not commit to respecting the results.

“I will look at it at the time. I’m not looking at anything now, I’ll look at it at the time,” he said, complaining that the media had poisoned the minds of voters and making his unsubstantiated claims about millions of people who shouldn’t be voting.

Ironically he was right, the media was poisoning the minds of voters, only it backfired.

Propaganda is gonna propaganda.

They are consistent.


It’s all about the narrative and how they can frame the mess Democrats have already made of their own party and the upcoming election.

Or better yet, Can Hillary be forced to accept electoral defeat?

So there!

Totally made that same face.

Considering the disaster on the Left right now and the dozens of candidates who want to run for president, we don’t either.


And THIS is CNN.

Now … about those 100 or so employees who took the ‘buyout’ and are leaving CNN …


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