Wonder how long Senate Democrats will wait before they pull this poll asking Twitter if folks want more Supreme Court justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Brett Kavanaugh.

If you haven’t voted yet, quick, go vote.

Currently, the poll has Kavanaugh leading Ginsburg, 67% to 33%.

Two to one prefer Kavanaugh – that’s gotta hurt, Senate Democrats.


Granted, the poll still has two days left and who knows, a horde of Leftists could take over the poll but the way it’s trending … eh.

You’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now but nope.

That they thought this poll would go their way is another reminder of how absolutely out of touch they are with MOST of America.

Gloriously and spectacularly.


Big thanks to AG for grabbing a screenshot because odds are Senate Dems will eventually pull this poll instead of admitting they’re losing.

And of course, our good, delicate, understanding friends on the Left think they know why Kavanaugh is actually winning the poll:

Yes, everyone who disagrees with the Left is a bot.

Beep beep boop.

But we thought it was bots.

They can’t stand it.

Which makes it even funnier.


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