The Left loves to pretend that Trump is somehow to blame for the water issues Flint, MI has been experiencing for years. Forget they had problems before the man ever even announced he was running and forget Democrats have been running that city for decades … it’s Trump’s fault.

He’s deliberately ignoring their struggles and making sure they receive no support or help from the EPA because he’s racist or something.

Except, that’s not true.

Not just millions of dollars.

HUNDREDS of millions of dollars.

And check out this councilman …

He seems nice.

We’re wondering if the guy on the line was that sweetheart up there.

Holy crap.

Pawned city property?! Wants whites removed from the Council … went to jail in 2016.

But sure, let him be the finance chair of Flint.

You know that face you make when you heard a noise in the basement but it’s dark so you’re sure as heck not going down there? Just made that face.


Whoa boy.

But sure, Lefties, keep blaming Trump.

This mayor has some SERIOUS explaining to do.


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