Being a modern-day feminist seems like a super confusing thing to be. It must be hard to keep up with everything and everyone you’re supposed to blame for oppressing you while being angry that you’re oppressed while ignoring real oppression around the world.

That’s a lot of oppression, right?

Matt Walsh framed this confusion perfectly by highlighting mixed messaging from feminists about women’s’ bodies.

Told ya’. Super confusing.

A confused feminist is an angry feminist which is probably why they’re always so mad.

Broad views.


And here come the angry, confused feminists now …

Yeah, men can be feminists.

Then again we probably shouldn’t assume this person’s gender, right?


Lotta dudes here.

So much oppression.

*shakes angry fist in solidarity*

As we said up there, so many male feminists triggered here.

Ok, maybe not male … whatever you call a male feminist.

You’re a dude.

Annnd we’re done here.


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