For nearly three years now we’ve been covering our favorite parody (and yours), Sean Spicier. And for nearly three years we’ve been waiting for the Left to figure out that he’s NOT Sean Spicer and he’s NOT the press secretary.

Suppose we should be grateful our delicate friends on the Left are far too thin-skinned and angry to figure it out, even though he doesn’t have that little blue check that would save them a world of embarrassment.

This time around Spicier really set ’em off tweeting about Easter Worshippers and of course, the Mueller Report.

You knew this would be good …

No, no it won’t come to them.

It never does.

Sure, Spicier is the lowlife for making fun of Democrats calling murdered Christians in Sri Lanka, ‘Easter Worshippers’.

These people.

The Russia/Mueller tweet really freaked ’em out … heh.

Whoa, this is a tweet within a tweet WITHIN A TWEET.

This could well have opened a space-time continuum of some sort.

Get thee a shrubbery!

Is what a threat? You know, we’ve read and re-read the tweet and we don’t see a threat buuuuut we’re not exactly dealing with the brightest crayons in the box.

WHOA. Another one of those tweets within a tweet within a tweet!

And LOL.

You’d think just ONE of them would look for that little blue check.

Painful. So painful.

But funny.


Oh, and the cup of liberal tears chaser …

Blah blah blah blah blah.

For months (years) the Left told us Mueller would be the end of Trump and now that he’s found no collusion they just keep on going.

Bless their hearts.


Wouldn’t be a complete article without a dig at Bernie.

Never. Gets. Old.


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