If you ever wondered how the Left really and truly feels about illegal immigrants all you have to do is watch Jeffrey Toobin (and Max Boot, yeah, we know) actually complaining that the Trump administration considered releasing illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities versus sending them back to Mexico.

Pay special attention to how Toobin calls them a ‘pestilence.’

Pestilence: n.: a fatal epidemic disease, especially bubonic plague.

That feel when your attempt to dunk on Trump really shows your true colors.

So Toobin is saying Trump was trying to poison these so-called sanctuary cities with this plague … right? This is absolutely disgusting – imagine the FIT Lefties would throw if Trump referenced illegal immigrants as a pestilence.

CNN would find a way to spin Trump curing cancer … it’s what they do.

This tweet (and many like it) confuse us. Isn’t this what the Left wanted? Why are they angry that Trump would consider giving sanctuary cities exactly what they wanted? Look at these people freaking out …

It’s evil to release them in sanctuary cities?

Alrighty then.

You’d think these folks were anti-immigrant.



Trump doesn’t give the Left what they want, they complain.

Trump gives the Left what they want, they complain.

There is no pleasing them.

But you knew that already.


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