If you thought Democrats and the media (same thing) were freaking out over Barr using the word SPY, you should see how badly the Obama zombies flipped out on our favorite parody account, Sean Spicier, just for tweeting about it. Granted, this account has been going for YEARS and most of them still don’t realize that he’s not THE Sean Spicer, which is part of what makes this whole thing so hilarious.

They lost their ever-loving minds over his Obama spying tweet … check this out.

Did she really use W. as an insult for a former Trump press secretary? That’s quite a jump …


And HA!

ButtBuster 3000 … that could totally sell.

Foul ball!

Sean also hit Bernie …

Right? We don’t remember anyone asking for Trump’s birth certificate.

Sean jabbed Democrats in general … with MS-13.

Hey, Spicier didn’t work with Obama. YOU TAKE THAT BACK.


Guess so.

And then no ‘right-leaning’ parody would be complete without a zinger about Biden.


True story.

So much yuck.


Fortune cookie says …


And last but not least, a couple of stragglers.

Oh the irony.

They never learn.


It’s all HAPPENING! Ex-Obama White House counsel indicted for false statements, concealing work for Ukraine (Lefties FREAK)

They KNOW BETTER! Kimberley Strassel just absolutely lays INTO the media for clutching their pearls over the word ‘spying’

‘You’re EXHAUSTING for no good reason.’ Hope Carol Roth got her receipt after OWNING Tom Nichols in heated debate over the media