Seems Trump has finally well and truly broken Joe Scarborough.

And to think, it didn’t even take a full three years.

Joe is super determined to keep that Russian collusion dream alive … and it’s just so sad.

But not guilty of anything to do with Russian collusion WHICH WAS the whole point of the Mueller investigation.

Joe – lied

This is all well and good, Joe, but nothing you tweeted matters. Like, at all.

They just cannot accept they didn’t get their way … again. First, it was the 2016 Election that the media totally hosed, and now it’s the Trump/Russia collusion thing they were sure would somehow undo what they couldn’t, and they failed again.

No wonder they’re so cranky.

Especially Joe who we all know was more than happy to promote Trump when he was running for president.

True story.

This point is far truer than anyone in the media wants to admit.

Stranger things have happened.


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