Alyssa Milano is super angry that Governor Kemp of Georgia signed a bill that protects the lives of unborn babies once they have a heartbeat at six weeks. Imagine being this furious because people want to protect the lives of the most innocent of all?

Alyssa went so far as to post a statement to ‘anti-choice, forced pregnancy supporters’ in thread form on Twitter …

She really is vile.

This is your brain. This is your brain on Hollywood.

Any questions?

This is such a lie, that only men support banning abortion.

Maybe she missed it but pregnancy doesn’t just magically HAPPEN. Then again, it’s possible Alyssa doesn’t really know how babies are made.

Holy sh*t.

No words.

Suffer a punitive pregnancy, that’s a fancy way for saying a woman shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences she CHOSE to accept when she had sex.


The fact is, Alyssa has no idea what the majority of Americans support because she only cares what half of them think, at most.

Abortion was never meant to be birth control, you heartless ghoul.

Abortion isn’t a right.

But life is.

She’s so awful.

And so are her supporters.

If you think murder is wrong, don’t kill anyone.

It’s like they don’t even hear themselves.

See what we mean?

This ain’t rocket science.

Just speechless at how awful this thread is …

She only cares about a right that doesn’t exist.



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