When you spend a lot of time on social media like this editor does, seeing a poll where anyone hasn’t heard of the annoying Socialist Democrat, Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez, seems crazy. And that the people who haven’t heard of her are actually Democrats is even CRAZIER.

How could any Democrat NOT have heard about She Guevara?

Welp, she has some ideas …

OMG YOU GUYS, AOC found out about our propaganda machine! Quick! We have to get rid of it before someone else sees it!

And there she goes again babbling about the dark money that’s after her.

You know that face you make when the neighbor kids keep walking through your grass even after you’ve asked them nicely to KNOCK IT OFF but they keep doing it anyway? Yup, just made that face. #GitOffOurLawn


It’s possible.

But it’s not her fault! It’s the big mean GOP propaganda machine and stuff!

She makes this too easy.


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