Earlier today, Twitchy covered Dan Bongino’s list of people who should delete their accounts for spending years spreading bad information about President Trump and Russia and it would appear one of the yahoos who made his list is now mad at Twitchy for covering the list.

Yeah, it’s Seth Abramson … how’d you guess?

Seth couldn’t have been more wrong here if he tried, take a gander.

Seth, it’s you, not us.

And dude, c’mon, Michelle sold Twitchy in 2012 and we’re hardly a Trump propaganda website. A simple ‘Google’ would have saved him so much embarrassment.


Oh, wait, no.

This is some major league deflection from Seth, right?

Yeah, homie.

He’s too busy trying to own Dan … it didn’t work out very well.

It certainly seems that way.

Hey, at least he didn’t accuse us of being a bunch of Russians like Ron Perlman or ask to be an intern for us like Tom Arnold.

Give him time …


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