We can’t decide who seems more upset over the Mueller report being a total dud, Democrats or the media.

Same difference.

For example, which one of these two do you think is internally screaming more? Our money is on Jerry Nadler.

Nadler looks like he’s trying to hold some serious gas in, right?

And he’s got his talking points, ‘transparency is key here,’ ‘we know he colluded,’ ‘we know there was collusion.’

This is just embarrassing at this point.

In other words, they got nothin’ but he doesn’t want to admit that because they NEED their vapid base to focus on ORANGE MAN BAD instead of looking at how much time and money they’ve wasted on this ‘witch hunt’.

Live look at Democrats trying to figure out how to spin this their way.

But rule of law and stuff!


Welp, time for impeachment.



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