Here at Twitchy part of our job besides making fun of cranky, dense Leftists is to cover the various interesting and or hilarious things people tweet about. Believe it or not, there is more to Twitter than politics …

We KNOW, we forget this sometimes, especially when politics has become more entertainment than even Hollywood.

This thread from a gal who tried to help save a crow is quite honestly one of the funniest things this editor has read in a long time and a nice break from all of the shaking fists in politics.

You can see her slowly losing faith in humanity … and somehow she makes it funny.

We hope the crow is ok.


Surely there’s a Reddit thread out there on this topic.

Candy as*es would have been good too.

Here we go.

Twitter. Yup.

Or Reddit is Twitter in a different format.


So it’s the CROWS who are to blame.

We knew it!

Happy Sunday!


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