It never fails.

Each and every time someone shares footage of one of the brave men or women who serve this country surprising their loved ones by coming home, this editor cries. Yup. Even her cold, shriveled, evil, Conservative heart can’t help but swell when she sees footage like this.

Get a tissue.

Come to think of it, get a box of tissue.

His little voice, ‘Daddy?’

OOOOOMG big tears again.

And he tells him how proud of him he is? *more tissue*


Us too.

*sniff sniff*

Dude RIGHT?!

We’re not crying … YOU’RE CRYING.

Ok, so we’re crying.


Ok, we are too.

This is so amazingly sweet and awesome, and such a welcome break from all of the angry and stupid we usually cover.

God bless this soldier and his family.


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