We’d tell Ted to put the Twitter down BUT watching him make a fool of himself with that questionable Buzzfeed story about Trump and Cohen is hilarious and highly entertaining. Sure, he and other Democrats got super excited over the idea Trump was FINALLY GONNA GET IT but they are putting their faith in an outlet and a reporter that reportedly has a questionable history when it comes to evidence to support their stories.

You do you, though, Ted.

Quote-tweeting Laurence Tribe? Really?


But hey, at least ol’ Larry had the good sense to say, ‘If this report is true …’

And one of the same reporters who reportedly has a history of not exactly having sufficient evidence for a story?

Buzzfeed is having a hard morning.

Just sayin’.


We didn’t say it.

We laughed.

We included it in this article BUT we didn’t say it.

NO WAY! Well, that settles it, Trump is totes guilty.


Sidenote, MAD magazine RULES.

And is just as believable as this story from Buzzfeed unless of course, they come up with some magical evidence to support their story.

We’ll keep you posted.


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