Typically here at Twitchy, we don’t write in the first person because we focus on what other people are saying, not on what we have to say. But every once in a while we come across a tweet or a thread that is so special that we ‘break character’ for a moment if you will and write about it in our own voice.

And because this thread and story from Ralph Amsden about his infant daughter and the power of prayer hit me right in my cold, evil, heart here I am, writing as myself and sharing it with you and yours because it’s my last story before breaking to celebrate Christmas.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did but FAIR WARNING, get some tissue right now.

Seriously. Trust me.

I absolutely love how he describes his wife.

What a MOM!

*ok, big tears here, keep reading*

*wipes eyes*

God is good.

People are good.

When there is so much anger it’s hard to remember these simple things. This thread is a reminder.

Ok, someone get me some more tissue.


I am … for like the 20th time but it’s such an amazing story I can’t help it.

Reading through this family’s story, about their strength and love for one another, and about the power of prayer meant so much to me, I hope it will mean just as much to you if not more. On that note, thank you, dear readers, for being with me this year, for putting up with my CAPS LOCK here and there and for giving me a reason to keep doing this insane job. God bless and keep you all this Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and always.

Merry Christmas you maniacs. – Sam