It seems that James Comey may have broken a record by the number of times he claimed he ‘didn’t remember’ something during his testimony. He may also have broken a record for finding various ways to say he didn’t remember something …

Mark Meadows used Fox News footage showing the number of times Comey said he didn’t remember to drag him on Twitter and it was brutal:

Crazy when you look at his testimony by the numbers, right?

We also remember something about Comey having a detailed memory and keeping notes about everything. It was almost like Comey took the Fifth without really taking the Fifth.

Hello, we’d like to introduce you to your government.


Maybe they should have used his book as a resource during the testimony.

Good ol’ Gowdy.

And now all the grown-ups at Twitchy are rolling THEIR eyes.

Good times.


Sure Jan. Where oh where was Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski this morning? Twitter has some ideas …

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